Be safe in style Don't play with my balls


Healthy & comfy in style


Radiation blocking


Our exclusive fabric, made of silver fibers and cotton, blocks over 99% of wireless radiation such as cellphone and wifi radiation.
It’s made for technology-user, you won’t have to change any of your habit to stay safe. An unseen protection.


Super comfy !

Our innovative fabric is just as soft and comfortable as cotton, you won’t miss any of your old pairs.

Your Spartan Boxer is naturally antibacterial, eliminates odors and stays fresh at the end of the day – even for the most active man!


Designed in Paris


The Spartan boxers have been designed in Paris, France, for an exceptional fit and amazing design.

Not only protective but also stylish !

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The best part with the SPARTAN boxer briefs ?

You know you’ll be more than safe – you’ll also feel fresh and look amazing !

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