Radiation blocking undergarment ?

Wireless technology has changed the way we live. But between Wi-Fi and cellphone signals, we are exposing ourselves to a great amount of electromagnetic radiation all day long. This is far from harmless!

A number of major scientific institutions around the world have raised alarms over the harmful effects of wireless radiation. By replicating dozens of studies, they have confirmed that wireless radiation has an adverse effect on male fertility.

These are just the short-term effects. It’s the long term we need to be concerned about – we could be facing a real societal problem.

Here at SPARTAN, we don’t want to stop using technology or change our habits to stay safe. That’s why we’ve designed the SPARTAN Boxer.

The SPARTAN boxer brief

Our solution
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We’re a young startup based in Paris & New York City, and we’re are passionate about health and technology.

Deeply concerned by the harmful effect of wireless radiations, we wanted to create a stylish high-tech boxer to keep using all of the technology available while not endangering our health.
We’ve been working day and night for months to bring you the best and safest undergarment to protect your health and fertility. 

Our ambition : raise the standard of men underwear and make radiation-blocking underwear mainstream !